Demonstrations in protest against QSD separatist militia in Hasaka countryside

Demonstrations in protest against US-linked QSD separatist militia in al-Malikiyah region in Hasaka countryside, and in denunciation of the militia practices.

Residents in Mabada Village blocked several roads with burning tires in denunciation of the militia criminal practices, especially its continued kidnapping of the youth, looting agricultural crops, imposing royalties on the families, and stealing their properties, local sources told SANA reporter.

The sources pointed out that the protests were accompanied by a general strike and the closure of all shops in the area.

The US occupation forces illegally present on the Syrian al-Jazeera, in cooperating with QSD militia, are plundering the national resources and strategic crops such as oil, wheat and barley crops. they deprive the Syrian people of their wealth on the one hand, and tighten the noose on the Syrian people on the other hand, by forcing them to push their children to join to the militia ranks as part of the systematic occupation policy to create chaos and prolong the crisis in Syria

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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