Watch – Settlers try to seize a house in Old Jerusalem

Dozens of settlers stormed, late yesterday evening, Monday, a residential apartment for the Idris family in the Al-Qarmi neighborhood in Old Jerusalem, in an attempt to seize control of the house.

Eyewitnesses explained to Ma'an Agency that dozens of settlers stormed the Idris family's apartment "in a residential building", taking advantage of the absence of anyone from the family inside it, due to the presence of the mother, "the owner of the house", in the hospital to receive treatment, and they began placing iron wires on the roof of the apartment, changing the locks and installing protections. On the windows.

The Idris family - whose members rushed to go to their house - explained that they were surprised by dozens of settlers storming the house and trying to seize it and live inside it, and the family asked the settlers to leave immediately.

The police came to the scene and asked the family and settlers to go to the police station to file a complaint about what happened, and prevented both parties from being inside the house, until the case was decided.

The settlers claimed that they had bought the house, but they did not show any documents to the police about their claim.

The Idris family explained that they bought the house in 1979 and have the supporting documents for that, and the owner of the house, Umm Muhammad Idris, and her daughter have been living in the house during this period. Due to the mother’s health condition and her falling ill 10 days ago, no one was in the house when it was broken into

Source: Maan News Agency

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