Palestine achieves a new achievement in terms of cases filed against it in American courts

The Ministry of Finance announced today, Tuesday, the achievement of another achievement within a month this year in terms of cases filed against the Palestinian National Authority and the Liberation Organization in American courts.

Where a decision was issued by the American Court of Appeals in favor of the Palestinian Authority in dismissing two cases, namely (Sokolow) and ((fuld), which will spare the Palestinian Authority from paying about 1.7 billion dollars to compensate American families or those who hold American citizenship, claiming responsibility for the Palestinian National Authority and the organization for operations that took place during the years. past.

The decision of the US Court of Appeals on the two cases came after the law firm contracting with the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian government fought a legal battle and a series of pleadings that took place over the years and in light of the amendment to the ATCA FIX law and the US administration’s support for the plaintiffs’ position.

The plaintiffs in the “Sokolow” case had demanded the payment of financial compensation from the Palestinian Authority and the PLO for their alleged involvement in operations that took place in Jerusalem between the years 2001-2004, and the value of the compensation amounted to $1.1 billion, as the US Court of Appeals made its final decision to dismiss the lawsuit despite the continuation of the lawsuit. The other party has been pleading and appealing without interruption since 2016.

Regarding the “FULD” case, it is one of the cases filed against the Authority and the PLO since 2020, alleging their responsibility for carrying out operations during the year 2018, as the plaintiffs amended their original claims in the case despite the fact that the new American law targets the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, and the value of the requested compensation is 600. Million dollars.

In light of this, the Ministry of Finance praised the efforts of the team of lawyers and its success to date in refuting 32 judicial rulings and dropping cases filed against the State of Palestine with no less than $6.2 billion in judicial claims

Source: Maan News Agency

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