Transport Minister discusses with Crimea republic delegation means of boosting cooperation

Minister of Transport, Zouhair Khzeim, discussed with the First Vice-President of the Republic of Crimea, Gordin Sergey Nikolaevich, and his accompanying delegation, cooperation relations and means of developing them, following up on the steps reached in previous meetings.

Talks during the meeting dealt with issues of joint cooperation in the field of maritime and air transport and ways to develop economic and commercial exchange relations and shipping through maritime transport lines and the activities of the commercial house and completing the meetings of technical teams between the two sides to overcome difficulties and investing in the privileged position they have on the Black and Mediterranean Seas.

The meeting also dealt with the development of visions and perceptions of expanding the scope of cooperation to include the activities of the Chamber of Maritime Navigation and the private sector, in a way that develops partnerships and contributes to expanding the volume of exchange and the work of shipping lines in its various forms.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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