The seven gates of Damascus… Seven planets in the orbit of history

Damascus, which is considered as the oldest inhabited city in the world, was the focus of attention of the invaders throughout the ages, so the factors of defending and protecting it necessitated surrounding it with a wall of huge stones in which doors were opened for entry and exit, and that was at the beginning of the Greek era.

Researcher, Kamal Al Imam, said that the construction of Damascus Wall and its gates took place during the era of the Roman Empire and remained the same after the Muslim Arabs entered the city in year 14 H, 635 AD, so that Damascus began expanding outside the walls for the first time in the Umayyad era.

In the Roman era, the wall was maintained and seven gates appeared in relation to the seven planets known at the time, and the symbols of these planets were carved on the gates because they believed that they protect the city.

Parts of the wall were destroyed in 749 AD by the Abbasids, and the wall began to collapse. Then it was refortified in 1174 AD during the reign of Nur al-Din al-Zanki, and new doors were opened, including Bab al-Faraj and Bab al-Nasr.

As for the main gates of Damascus, they are only seven; Bab Touma, Bab al-Salam, And Bab Al-Fradis, Bab Al-Jabiya, Bab Al-Saghir, Bab Kisan and Bab Sharqi.

Many historians, like Ibn Asaker, Hassan Al-Badri, and Muhammad Ezz Al-Din Al-Sayadi, describe the ancient gates of Damascus and their relationship to the planets, and that the seven gates of Damascus are linked to the seven planets.

Bab Sharqi is associated with the sun, Bab Touma Gate is associated with Venus, the Peace Gate ( Bab Assalam) is associated with the moon, the Paradise Gate is associated with Mercury, the Jabiya Gate is associated with Mars, the Small Gate ( Assaghir) is associated with Jupiter, and the Kisan Gate is associated with Saturn.

Seven gates of Damascus reflect the early civilization in the oldest inhabited city in the world, and protect behind it a Damascene history that simulates many civilizations which crossed from Damascus.

After years of unjust war against Syria and the unjust and immoral blockade, we say that the doors of Damascus will remain open to all visitors.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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