Taekwondo player Dayoub uses his athletic skills to support earthquake- affected children

A large amount of care and psychological support was directed by the youth cadres to those affected, whether by the earthquake during the past period or during the years of war, including extensive efforts exerted by young taekwondo player Mudar Dayoub who deliberately used his sports skills, and practical experience acquired in the world of training and fitness for the benefit of work humanitarian and community service.

Despite his young age, a career full of achievements and local and international competitions, during which he won many awards and medals, most notably the bronze of the West Asian Championship in Jordan in 2009, the bronze of the Club World Championship in Korea in 2010, two gold and silver medals in the Korean Open Championship in 2010, and the bronze medal of the World Junior Olympics in Russia in 2012, and he secured a distinguished place for himself among the list of the best stars of this sport in Syria, thanks to his martial art skills and knowledge of many secrets of this world that helped him create his own style.

“My studies at the Faculty of Physical Education in Tishreen University came as a true translation of my passion and attachment to the sport of Taekwondo and my desire to explore basic mathematical principles and concepts and benefit from academic information to enrich my sports knowledge,” Dayoub told SANA reporter.

He said that his work as a sports coach for young age groups for a number of months Sports clubs in Lattakia and his joining the team of the center, which was opened by the Amal Organization for Hearing Impairment in the city, empowered his belief in the values of sports and the role of sports activities in improving the psychological state of children and bringing about a tangible positive change in their personality and their intellectual and physical health.

Dayoub recalled the beginning of the war, which cast a shadow over the various aspects of life in Syria more than 11 years ago, as well as the Corona pandemic, up to the recent earthquake catastrophe, all of which constituted important turning points in his life, like others of his generation, and prompted him to enter the field of community and humanitarian work.

With a tone full of enthusiasm, Dayoub said that his experiment focused on teaching the child how to relax and regulate the breathing process, because of its great impact on self-control, getting rid of feelings of pressure and tension, and maintaining calm, adding that before each visit, a list of children’s names and ages is prepared, and a sports activity program that suits their age groups is set. The activities develop the children mental skills, and integrate them with their peers, as well as promote the values that sport helps to develop, especially in team games such as cooperation, respect for others, positive interaction, responsibility and self-confidence, Dayoub concluded.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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