SPOL Diamond Increases Company’s Global Footprint

Company’s New Diamond Platform is receiving accolades and wide adoption in Higher Ed

CORAL SPRINGS, Florida, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On June 8, 2020,  SPOL released Diamond the most innovative, fully integrated IE solution in the market. “Only SPOL is doing for Institutional effectiveness what learning management systems did for digital learning environments.  It’s exactly why we’re seeing institutions increasingly adopt Diamond in both the United States and abroad.” said SPOL’s VP of Sales, Donna Valente. SPOL recently added a separate colocation site in the Middle East. “The market is responding to the years of experience reflected in the specialized digital tools and processes needed for student and institutional success.” Valente continued.

Diamond was developed with input from hundreds of institutions of higher learning from around the globe.  VP Product Larry Squarini commented, “SPOL Diamond and its completely reimaged interface is the marriage of proven business rules with new, easy to navigate screens, updated technology, and seamless integration.” (See Video Here).

SPOL’s recent strategic partnership with the Society for College & University Planners has solidified its position as an industry thought leader. Diamond’s power to increase collaboration and transparency is seen as integral to success for institutions of all sizes. Diamond’s pricing, along with SPOL’s reputation for above and beyond training and support, make SPOL’s new flagship the choice for institutions committed to continuous improvement.

“Diamond’s architecture is API friendly which facilitates data consumption from a variety of data sources.” Squarini continued. With unlimited, permissioned-based roles and free data exchange from among the five modules, Diamond is a one-of-a-kind solution. “Where the Diamond modules were all organically grown, in house, Diamond does not suffer from the data integration issues of other platforms.” Leo Carrasqueira, Senior Data Analysis, added.

SPOL’s commitment to customer success has resulted in a 100% reaccreditation rate among its user base.  Brandy Moreta, SPOL’s Director Client Services, added: “My team is here to ensure that our partner institutions succeed with Diamond from implementation through reaccreditation.”

SPOL Diamond comes at the perfect time to support institutions as they build operational efficiencies across all stakeholders in these challenging times.

About SPOL

SPOL helps colleges and universities improve institutional effectiveness and better prepare students for success. The company’s integrated software platform encompasses planning, budgeting, assessment, program review, credentialing, and accreditation.

For more information, visit https://spol.com.

Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8diqtli_mGE