Egypt to continue its efforts to reach Gaza ceasefire agreement: Rashwan

Egypt will continue to exert its utmost efforts in order to reach a ceasefire agreement in the war-ravaged Gaza Strip soon, according to Chairman of the State Information Service (SIS) Diaa Rashwan.

He added that Egypt received, 6-2-2024, Hamas’ response to the proposed framework, reached during the Paris meeting for a truce agreement which Egypt handed over to the Hamas movement.

He stressed that Egypt will discuss all the details of the proposed framework with the concerned parties, including intensifying meetings with them, to reach an agreement among them on its final formula as soon as possible.

Rashwan stated that Egypt had recently put forward a framework for a proposal, trying to bring viewpoints closer between all concerned parties, in an effort to stop Palestinian bloodshed, a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, and restore peace and stability to the region, accordingly, Palestinian prisoners and Israeli detainees will be exchanged in stages, and humanitarian support for our brothers in the Gaza Strip w
ill be intensified.

Rashwan stressed that Egypt will continue its intense efforts around the clock, in order to end the fighting in Gaza, and preserve the lives of the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights, to which the agreement on the proposed framework will be a necessary introduction, and which Egypt will successively announce everything new in negotiating with interested parties.

Source: State Information Service Egypt

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