QIB strengthens partnership with Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs in support of Qatarization

As a part of Qatar Islamic Bank's (QIB) strategy to attract local talent, and in partnership with the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour, and Social Affairs (MADLSA), QIB is providing Qatari men and women the opportunity to work with the Bank and benefit from educational grants. To find the most qualified talent for this opportunity, interviews were conducted by Mr. Hamad Abdulla Al-Misnad, Manpower expert, National HR Development Department at MADLSA, Mr. Khalefa Al Mesalam, QIB's, Head of Human Capital Group, and Ms. Hind Al-Khulifi, Head of Qatarization at QIB.

The interviews were conducted with a group of Qatari candidates, which were provided by MADLSA, to work at QIB's branches or obtain educational grants with future employment opportunities. This initiative aims to strengthen cooperation and partnership with the MADLSA, to attract more qualified national talent to work in the various sectors of the bank.

Mr. Khalefa Al Mesalam, QIB's, Head of Human Capital Group, said: "The Bank has a long-term strategy to attract and provide professional development opportunities to local talents, by providing them with hands-on training programs and courses. In addition, we provide scholarships and higher educational programs, with the aim of qualifying Qataris to implement the best practices in banking, giving them the opportunity to pursue important leadership roles at QIB."

Mr. Khalefa Al Mesalam, added: "The Bank's Human Resources strategy is in line with Qatar's National Vision 2030, which aims to meet Qatar's future labor needs. QIB follows the country's Qatarization policy to increase the number of Qataris in the workforce and enhance the capabilities of citizens. By providing opportunities for improvement, including training and support programs, the Bank is ready to fully cooperate with the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs in implementing the Qatarization employment policy."

Since its establishment in 1982, QIB has been committed to make the employment of Qataris a top priority for human resources. And over the past three decades the Bank has been able to attract national talent in accordance with an integrated vision based on recruitment, qualification and training, to enable Qatari employees to take leadership positions in various sectors of the Bank, that is spread out in more than 30 locations across the country.

Additionally, QIB has adopted a new recruitment assessment tool aimed at measuring the qualifications and skills of new employees in order to ensure the quality of recruitment. The Bank has successfully launched Future Bankers program, which is a fast-track career development program designed to build the capacity of Qatari nationals in the banking operations.

In May 2018 and as a part of the bank's strategy to develop financial education amongst the future generations of leaders, QIB signed an exclusive collaboration agreement with Injaz Qatar to offer a financial education programs targeting students aged 15 to 19 for more than 1,250 students in Qatar over a three-year period.

These training sessions were conducted by a group of QIB staff who have volunteered to present their experiences to students, using modern teaching techniques to help deliver knowledge to students across Qatar.

Source: Qatar Islamic Bank