Qatar releases the three Bahrainis it arrested, but continues to keep 50 seized boats

Manama, The Ministry of Interior has announced that three Bahrainis who had been detained by Qatar have been released.


However, their boats and banooshs (traditional boats) have been kept by the Qatari authorities, the ministry said in a statement.


“Based on the Cabinet’s directives to the Ministry of Interior to undertake all necessary processes towards releasing all citizens detained by Qatar and their return to the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Ministry of Interior reports that it received notification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Bahraini citizens Ibrahim Al Haddad and Mohammed Yousif Al Doassary who were arrested by the Qatari Coastal and Border Security at sea on January 8, 2021 while on a fishing trip, were released today,” the ministry said.


“Bahraini sailor Habib Abbas, who was arrested on December 3, 2020, was also released. However, their boats were not released, bringing the number of Bahraini boats and banooshs that are still kept by the State of Qatar to 50.”


The statement added that Bahrain’s embassy in Oman reported that the Bahraini citizens have arrived there.


“The Ministry of Interior contacted for reassurance and upon their arrival in the Kingdom of Bahrain, their statements will be taken at the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science to learn about the details of their arrest in order to take the necessary legal measures in this regard,” the ministry said.


Source: Bahrain News Agency

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