Qatar Extends Aid to Syrian Refugees and West Africa

Doha, July 18 (QNA) – Qatar’s Islamic Da’wa Organization recently announced it has pledged immediate relief supplies in bulk to Syrian refugees residing in Jordan and Turkey, as well as to West Africa’s poorest families.
 Head of the organization s bureau in Qatar, Sheikh Hammad Abdul Qadir said he presided over a delegation that recently visited Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey to provide them with much of their daily basic needs.
 The organization provided Jordan’s Syrian refugees with aid supplies worth of QR 1 Million besides a total of 2500 household appliances and food and medical supplies,  Abdul Qadir  told Qatar News Agency (QNA).
 The organization, in collaboration with the Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), also gave out an equal amount of relief supplies amounting to QR 1 Million to Syrian refugees in Turkey.
 This last one comes according to a signed MoU between the organization and RAF in 2012 to  enhance joint cooperation in humanitarian areas.
 Meanwhile, Abdul Qadir conveyed thanks to the Qatari leadership and people for their generous gestures and contributions to relieve Muslims suffering across the globe.
 He also called on citizens and residents in Qatar to continue their donations to the organization in Ramadan to enable the implementation of relief projects in the abovementioned regions. 
   The organization’s delegation has also visited some Western African regions namely, Gambia, Mauritania, Sierra Leone and  Guniea- Conakry.
 Abdul Qadir pointed out to the severe circumstances the families are facing In these countries due to poverty.
 He called on all donators to extend helping hands to these regions citing Mauritania’s and Gambia’s need of immediate relief as they are sheltering around 75,000 Muslims who recently fled from Mali upon conflicts there.
 He said a water crisis is hitting Sierra Leone and the organization pledged to help them drill water wells there.
 During the charity trip, the delegation met with some local ministers and officials and dwelt on these regions’ needs and ways of fulfilling them, Abdulkadir noted.
 He said the organization has charity projects to be implemented in these countries and will embark upon them during Ramadan.
 Qatar’s Islamic Da’wa Organization basically reaches out to African regions and provides aid supplies to 40 African countries. (QNA)

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