On their 107th anniversary … Martyrs of the homeland, the torches of light and the title of glory

They have sacrificed their souls and became the most immortal of the living, they are the martyrs, titles of victory, eternal light in the conscience. On their day, stories of heroism come together, and epics regain their splendor as if they were from the recent past. Their pure blood is eternal life and eternity for the homeland, which deserved from them to sacrifice their lives and blood for the sake of its honor and the dignity of its children.

In my homeland, its brave men are competing to fight the enemies and repel harm that targets its children. They are brave for the nation, they rise as martyrs, all of them believe that their blood runs as a light that illuminates the coming days.

In memory of the martyrs of May 6th, 1916, the Syrians commemorate the martyrs who greeted the gallows in Beirut and Damascus with their throats singing to the homeland, calling for preserving the dignity and freedom of its people and repelling harm from the Turkish occupier.

The memory of the Martyrs’ Day has been renewed with the martyrs of national duty who gave their precious lives in the altar of martyrdom in the October liberation war and in Lebanon and Palestine, up to the sacrifices of the men of the Syrian Arab Army who light the torches of victory with the blood of the martyrs while fighting terrorism that tried to attack Syria more than 12 years ago. The brave army is still chasing the remnants of the terrorists, paving the way for the purification of the last inch of the homeland.

On the 107th anniversary, the epic of the martyrs’ rising of the patriotic thinkers and intellectuals who resisted the Ottoman occupation is still fresh in their consciences, passing on the meanings of martyrdom from generation to generation.One hundred and seven years ago, the Ottoman occupier tried to quench the enthusiasm of Syrian people and its burning flame seeking freedom and independence. It tried to stifle the voice of freedom by executing the best intellectuals, writers, and thinkers.

At that time, the assassin, Jamal Pasha, believed that the gallows would silence the voices of truth, but he was ignorant of the depth of the Syrians’ belonging to their homeland, and he did not imagine that those sticks turn into references of pride that wrote a bright history for a homeland that deserves life. In 1916, 14 martyrs were executed in Al-Burj Square in Beirut and 7 in Al-Marjeh Square in Damascus, and in honor of their pure souls, the Syrians and the Lebanese called both squares the name of “Martyrs Square”.

On this memory which is dear to the hearts of the Syrians, we do not forget the martyrs working in the media institutions. They were a beacon for their comrades who continued their work to convey the reality of the terrorist war on Syria.

More than a century after the martyrdom of the 6th of May, the values and meanings of martyrdom still occupy a wide place in the hearts of the Syrians who have never been stingy with their children and themselves. They sacrificed and those who continue the march on the path of the sacrifices of the martyrs.Mazen Eyon

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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