Islamic Christian Organization for Support of Jerusalem: transforming Citadel of Jerusalem into Jewish museum a barbaric attack

The Islamic Christian Organization affirmed that the Israeli occupation’s transformation the Citadel of Jerusalem, which stands as a witness to the history and Arab and Islamic civilization of the city of Jerusalem, into a museum of its fake Jewish narrative, constitutes a barbaric assault on the history and civilization of the Holy City.

“The Jerusalem Citadel and its mosque are historical and civilizational witnesses to the Arabism of the Holy City, and their transformation into a museum and Judaizing it does not give the occupation or its forged narrative any political or historical legitimacy in the city of Jerusalem, and the Citadel will remain resistant to Judaization and will always remain witness to the barbarism of the occupation and its continuous aggression against the history of the Holy City”, Wafa News Agency quoted the authority as saying in a statement Wednesday.

The commission called on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to assume its responsibilities, not to stand by and watch the aggression against the city of Jerusalem and its identity and historical and cultural heritage, and to take effective measures to stop these attacks.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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