Inmate is not in solitary confinement and refuses to communicate with his family

Manama, The General Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation has rejected allegations made by Qatari Channel Al Jazeera, news sites and social media regarding the status of an inmate.


Jassem Mohammed Abbas, 40, is serving life in prison after he was sentenced by the justice system in several cases of terrorism, but he is not in solitary confinement, the general directorate said.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, in-person visits have been suspended and replaced with visual communication with the right of three calls per week for any inmate.


However, Jassem Mohammed Abbas refuses to contact his family and relatives, and his last visual contact with them was on July 7, 2020, the general directorate said.


His health is in good condition and he has all his rights, like the other inmates, within the Reformation and Rehabilitation Institution Law and regulations. All the rules and regulations that apply to him apply to all inmates as well, without exception.


The directorate general stressed that as a matter of transparency, it had invited the National Institution for Human Rights to visit the inmate and assess his condition.


The directorate general added that it was carrying out its humanitarian and legal duties towards any inmate with full transparency and integrity.


The directorate general called on everyone to obtain accurate information from official sources and not to heed any malicious rumors.


Source: Bahrain News Agency

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