Health lecture in the cultural center in Tartous central prison

The Directorate of Adult Education and Cultural and Community Development at the Cultural Center in Tartous Central Prison held a health lecture to introduce communicable and infectious skin diseases, their causes, and methods of treatment and prevention.

Major Muhammad Shaheen, Director of the Cultural Center in Tartous Prison, stressed in a statement to SANA reporter the importance of the information provided to the prisoners.

Shaheen said that this lecture is part of educational activities and programs, which are held in various prisons according to the agreement between the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Culture, to raise health and cultural awareness for the prisoners.

Maysoon Ali, the supervisor of the cultural center in Tartous prison, said that the holding like these events and activities are necessary.

Number of prisoners indicated that the information presented in the lecture was very valuable, and made them more able to distinguish and not confuse skin diseases, stressing that they consider this place a center for rehabilitation for them through the training, vocational and educational courses that they receive there on a permanent basis.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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