Dozens Martyred, Wounded in Israeli Airstrike Targeting Gaza

Gaza, The Israeli occupation’s warplanes and artillery continued intense shelling on all areas of the Gaza Strip on Monday night, resulting in the killing and injuring of dozens of civilians.

Media and local sources said that at least 15 were martyred in the airstrike, which targeted a house near the medical services headquarters in Al-Zawaida area in the center of Gaza Strip.

The occupation warplanes attacked a four-story building in Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in the southeast of Gaza, resulting in dozens of martyrs and wounded, the sources added.

Areas in Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahiya, Al-Atatra, and the northwest of Gaza City witnessed intense shelling by the Israeli occupation.

Furthermore, areas in Al-Bureij, east of Khan Yunis, and east of Rafah witnessed airstrikes by the Israeli occupation’s aircraft and artillery shelling.

Reconnaissance aircraft continue to fly intensively in the sky of the Gaza Strip, and illumination bombs continue to be fired on most parts of the Gaza Strip.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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