UAE provides US$200m in support to Lebanese army and security forces.

The United Arab Emirates has announced a financial support of US$ 200 million, to be split equally between the Lebanese Armed Forces and the security forces. The support is part of the UAE's efforts to contribute to the stability and welfare of Lebanon and its people.

In a statement released today, the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said the UAE will continue its support to Lebanon and its stability.

"The UAE has always stood by brotherly countries at all times, took part in all conferences and supported efforts aimed at assisting Lebanon and its people. In this regard, the UAE is providing a US$ 100 million to the Lebanese army and US$ 100 million to the security institutions there," the statement said.

The Ministry reiterated UAE's keenness to ensure security and stability of Lebanon, which emanates from the strong bonds among the Arab countries and from the UAE's responsibility to maintaining regional and international security and peace.

"It is a priority for the UAE to see strong and tenacious military and security institutions in Lebanon at these critical times as this will help in re-inforcing its stability and in enabling it to play its key role in the region," it concluded.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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