Travel Advisory to Qatari Citizens Seeking Medical Treatment in India

An official source in the Department of Consular Affairs calls on Qatari citizens seeking medical treatment in the Republic of India to observe instructions issued by the competent authorities in India.

The source said that for medical treatment in India certain conditions should be observed including obtaining a visa for the patient (treatment visa) from the Indian Embassy in Doha and obtaining a visa (companion visa) for the co-patient, if required.

It is also necessary to obtain a letter signed and stamped from the hospital showing the consent to receive the patient and the initial identification of the schedule of treatment, including the expected duration and estimated costs.

The source stated that following the mentioned instructions allow patients and their companions to extend the visa duration when its necessary.

The source also stated that Qatari citizens are welcomed to visit the website of the Republic of Indian's embassy in Qatar to get more information with regard to treatments in the Republic of India.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs