Training Course on the Sound Agricultural Practices for Farmworkers

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment, represented by the Agricultural Affairs Department and in cooperation with Mahaseel for Marketing and Agricultural Services Co., has organized a training course covering ?the Sound Agricultural Practices? in the Headquarter of Mahaseel on 3th ? 6th October 2021. The training course was participated in by a group of engineers and workers in the Qatari farms, which have contracted with Mahaseel Co to benefit from the company?s marketing services.

The training course targeted enhancing the quantity and quality of vegetables supplied to Mahaseel Co., all in effort to scale up the quality of local production, minimize the wasted products and enhance the marketing approach.

The training course included several main themes, notably: Introduction to the sound agricultural practices, its importance, requirements and standard, fundamentals of sound agricultural practices for the agricultural production, as well as programs, activities and actual projects for promoting sound agricultural practices.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment