The masterpieces of the Saudi Orchestra bid farewell to the guests of World Heritage in Riyadh

The National Commission for Education, Culture and Science held a ceremony in honor of the parties participating in hosting the work of the World Heritage Committee in its 45th expanded session held in Riyadh, in the presence of a large crowd of UNESCO guests and officials in the cultural and media sectors.

The ceremony revealed the story of the tournament’s logo, which bore the symbols of Saudi tangible and intangible heritage classified by UNESCO, such as the stone, Diriyah, Al-Ahsa Oasis, and the Asiri cat, before the participants in the organization were honored, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Information, the National Museum, the Heritage Authority, and the Theatrical and Performing Arts Authority. , King Abdulaziz House, Sdaya, and other various governmental and private sectors in the Kingdom, which participated with the Ministry of Culture and the National Committee in providing appropriate hospitality to delegations coming from all countries of the world.

During the ceremony, the Saudi Orchestra presented a musical performance that delighted the audience, as the performance included a mixture of folkloric and traditional tunes, with the participation of the orchestra and the National Choir, which had just returned from New York after an extensive tour in Mexico, London and Paris. With the aim of introducing the masterpieces of Saudi music and performing arts, to enhance international cultural exchange, which is one of the strategic goals that the Ministry of Culture seeks to achieve, in implementation of Saudi Vision 2030 and its ambitious programmes.

The band showcased a group of performing and popular arts, such as the art of Al-Samari, Al-Dana, Al-Rabash, Al-Yanbaawi, and a number of Eastern and Saudi instruments and rhythms.

Source: International Islamic News Agency