The government committee for winter emergencies in Gaza calls for taking the necessary precautions

The government committee for winter emergencies has instructed all emergency teams in municipalities and relevant government institutions to take the necessary precautions and raise the level of preparedness and readiness to deal with developments in the weather situation.

She said in a statement: “With increasing data about the existence of a state of instability in weather conditions, and meteorological forecasts that the Gaza Strip will be affected by an air depression forming close to the sea surface with active winds stirring up sand and dust on the coastal areas and the formation of low and medium rain clouds, we call on the citizens’ committee.” Dear customers, take the necessary precautions

It called for securing ground floors around homes located in low places.

She explained that if water enters the house, be sure to disconnect the electrical current, while ensuring that the panels are fixed on the roof of the house and everything that is susceptible to being blown away by the wind.

She called for cleaning water drains on roofs and floors to avoid water flowing into homes

Source: Maan News Agency

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