The Academic Excellence Program at Qatar University (QU) is considered one of the pioneering programs globally. It has been specially designed for students seeking excellence and creativity. The program aims to provide talented and ambitious students with a rich and multidisciplinary academic experience that qualifies them to serve the Qatari community in order to contribute to its development.
Below are the opinions of students and graduates from the Academic Excellence Program which supports their academic lives and career hopes.
Students of first year at College of Arts and Sciences, Jana Saeed Muhammad Mukhtar Al-Banna said: “I consider my acceptance into the program as a great opportunity to develop my skills and to discover myself again. I believe that the program helps me not only in developing my thinking system, but also my ability to communicate with others in a better way. The skills I acquire from this program will help me improve my impression when I apply for a job. These refined skills will increase my chances of being accepted in field of job.”
Ohoud Faraj Hamad Al Lafafi Al-Marri, Student of first year from the College of Business and Economics said that one of the things that attracted her most to join this program is what she achieved for her in order to develop her skills and prepare her well for the professional life in future, in addition to the opportunities that the program offers for occupational education and diversity.
Omar Mahmoud, First year Student from the College of Pharmacy said: “I have found my desired goal to reach excellence through enrollment in the Academic Excellence Program, which will open to me horizons of knowledge and acquire the necessary skills to deal with the existing civilization development.”
Student Al-Dana Muhammad Al-Sulaiti from the College of Business and Economics – the second year explained that the Academic Excellence Program provided and strengthened her with skills that are considered the best and most appropriate.
Another second year student of College of Business and Economics, Noura Hamad Al Thani said: “I joined the Academic Excellence Program has excelled my skills which I did not discover before. The world was able to paralyze the movement of many vital sectors in societies, including education but the program provided me with learning and life skills that enabled me to overcome these difficulties and obstacles.”



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