Strict controls on pesticide residues in imported vegetables and fruits

The Ministry of Public Health affirms that vegetables and fruits imported into Qatar are subject to strict controls to ensure their validity for human consumption, including the withdrawal of random samples and conducting laboratory analysis to ensure that they are free of pesticide residues.

The analysis is carried out in the central food laboratories, which are accredited internationally to analyze over 621 pesticide residues known in many developed countries using the world's state-of-art technology. The laboratory is ranked one of the 15 best laboratories worldwide in the analysis of pesticide residues.

The Ministry points out that the permitted limits of pesticide residues follow the Gulf technical standards, the specifications of the Codex Alimentarius Commission as well as the European standards. The Ministry of Public Health assesses the results of the analysis of pesticide residues and others and takes precautionary measures that may reach banning the product when necessary.

The Ministry of Public Health, which has jurisdiction over controlling imported food, affirms that all measures are taken to ensure the highest level possible of the safety and validity of imported food, and calls on the public to refer to official sources in all matters relating to the food safety and validity.

Source: Ministry of Public Health