Qatar University’s– Young Scientists Center (QU-YSC) organized the activities and workshops of the Summer Training Program 2021 for Qatari students from Qatar University.

The Summer Internship Program 2021 is one of its kind as a virtual exchange program, and based on the difficulty of university students participating in international training programs during the summer period, due to travel restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic; These unprecedented conditions have prevented university students from engaging in a shared learning experience that brings together students from multiple cultures.

Thus, QU-YSC designed the reciprocal virtual summer training program, which included undergraduate students and mentors from different universities in a three-week long training session. This program provided a range of opportunities for undergraduate students and mentors to experience innovative learning, exchange knowledge, refine research competencies and career readiness skills, and promote knowledge exchange and strengthen cooperation between participating international universities.

The summer program, held during the period 6-24 June 2021, provided a unique learning experience, flexible and interactive, using virtual platforms, thus training participants in flexibility and the ability to adapt to new learning conditions. In the program the students were involved in structured sessions of activities to improve their knowledge and techniques. The activities developed their key research competencies such as formulation of a research problem statement, research methodology design, data analysis, inference abilities, presentation and writing skills.

The internship also provided opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in the scientific research review process. Two topics were presented during the training period: 2D nanomaterials fabrication/production strategies, and the development of highly efficient perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells.

In a statement, Dr. Noura Jaber Al-Thani, Director of QU-YSC, said: “Young people are the most dynamic and creative group, and providing such programs to them enhances their research skills and qualifies them to become influential leaders in various scientific fields, to promote outputs that will contribute to achieving Qatar’s National Vision 2030. In addition, these programs enhance the position of Qatar University among international universities.”

Dr. Noura Al-Thani expressed her happiness at the launch of the virtual exchange summer program, which was fully developed by the Qatar University Center for Young Scientists and presented to students in an innovative and unique way. Finally, she thanked Dr. Noura; The efforts of the sponsors are: UNESCO, Doha Office and Qatar National Committee for Education, Culture and Science.