Qatar University Center for Young Scientists (QUYSC), in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies (VPRGS), announces the launch of the 3rd cycle of the National Science Promotion Program (NSPP) 2022 in October 2022.

This program aligns with the goals of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030) and intends to cultivate and consolidate the researcher’s identity among the youths of Qatar.

The NSPP is launched primarily for high school students. The program will help them refine their research skills, and familiarize them with the significance and methodology of scientific research, thereby enhancing their research skills. Furthermore, the student participants acquire a unique opportunity to collaborate and undergo research projects with university students under the guidance of research mentors. This is an excellent experience to prepare them for their transition from high school to the university by bridging the gap between school and university. In addition, they will be motivated to become promising future scientists, researchers, and influential leaders of the country.

The call for applications for participation in the NSPP 3rd cycle will commence in December 2022. The program calls for research proposals from various scientific colleges (i.e., the college of arts and science, college of engineering, college of health sciences, and research centers at Qatar University). Each research team consists of one research mentor from Qatar University, a research assistant from QUYSC, and two high school students. The launch of the 3rd cycle of NSPP follows the remarkable success of the 1st and 2nd cycles, which incorporated 12 funded scientific research projects with 36 participants.

Prof. Noora Jabor Al-Thani, Director of QUYSC, expressed her contentment at the launch of the 3rd cycle of NSPP, saying:” The National Science Promotion Program is an exceptionally beneficial program for the Qatari youth to participate in authentic research of national priorities. They gain many research competencies that prepare them to be influential personalities who can contribute to inventions and innovations of national and global significance.” Prof. Noora added, “We are extremely glad for the launch of the third cycle of the program, followed by the success of the first and second cycles. We strongly believe that through this program, we are establishing educational opportunities and combating challenges for the scientific empowerment of the youth.”

Source: Qatar University

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