Qatar University (QU) held a ceremony to honor the winners of the “University Fasih” poetry competition, which was launched from September to October this year, and was held in cooperation between: the Department of Culture and Arts in the Student Activities Department and the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the College of Arts and Sciences.

The (University Fasih) competition comes under the generous sponsorship of Qatar Islamic Bank, in order to pay attention to literary talents and to encourage students to engage in meaningful student activities that are interested in Arab and Islamic culture and arts.

The theme of this year’s competition was “International Day of Peace”, where a number of participating poems were presented to the jury composed of poetry specialists from faculty members in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, where the poems were evaluated on academic foundations and standards.

Dr. Eman Mostafawi, Vice President for Student Affairs, honored all the winners of this competition and the members of the jury who succeeded in making it a success. The first place in this competition was won by the student Hamna Noor Al-Haq from the College of Medicine with her poem “O Caller of Peace.” The second place was won by the student Muhammad Najeeb Al-Sayed from the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies with his poem “The Memory of Raya Faha.” The third place went to the poem. (In my palm is an olive fist) by the student Saud Al-Shammari from the College of Engineering.

In a statement, Prof. Mohamed Diab, Assistant President of the University for Student Life and Services, stressed that attention to culture, arts and heritage has become today an imperative, to prepare a distinguished generation, aware and proud of its culture and identity, and possessing artistic and cultural tools that enable it to interact with the cultures of the world in a positive way. He thanked Qatar Islamic Bank for sponsoring this competition, as this is the best evidence that spreading cultural awareness and building civilization is not the preserve of academic institutions only, but it is the duty and role of all institutions in society.

For his part, Mr. Abdullah Al Mulla, Director of Student Activities Department, expressed his pride in the students’ strong contributions that express their concept of peace. He also stressed that the Student Activities Department is keen to discover creative talents in all fields of culture and arts and provide opportunities for creativity in an academic student atmosphere that enhances confidence the student himself.



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