Qatar University’s Department of Public Health (DPH) at the College of Health Sciences (CHS) virtually held their annual health education and awareness campaign “This is Public Health”. This year’s event, which took place over 3 days between November 2nd and 4th, focused on the safety of Qatar University campus.
The event was launched on Monday November 2nd with a virtual keynote webinar by Professor Christiane Stock, the international coordinator of the German Network of Health Promoting Universities. Dr. Manar Elhassan, Head of the Department of Public Health, welcomed the audience and highlighted the aim of the campaign to expose and engage students with public health advocacy and practice, locally and internationally. Professor Stock shared with the audience her experience with putting the concept of Health Promoting University into Practice.
Dr Hanan Abdul Rahim, Dean of CHS, spoke about the importance of paying attention to our immediate environment and enacting behaviors that would enhance health for all. She spoke about the department’s focus on the university campus environment, and the various activities in which students are involved to promote healthy behaviors.
“Even with COVID19 and the requirements for physical distancing, the university campus is a very important space to model healthy environments and practice healthy behaviors. We constantly encourage our students to consider ways in which they can enact positive changes for a healthier environment.” said, CHS Dean, Dr Hanan Abdul Rahim
Public Health students shared videos, which they produced to demonstrate their activities in promoting health. The videos demonstrated conducting an environmental campus assessment to support the implementation of a 100% tobacco free policy as well as QU public health alumni at their work sites with ongoing COVID19 response efforts.
“The implementation of this virtual event was a challenging experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was a great experience and an opportunity to discover new skills and utilize them.” said, Public Health student, Maha Al-Qashoti.
On Tuesday, November 3, CHS and QU health online social media platforms shared videos produced by QU students, showcasing collaborative public health efforts on campus. One video was produced by public health and biomedical science students focusing on the different safety measures that have been implemented on campus to protect students from COVID19 infections. In another video, the Student Counseling Center and the Inclusion and Special Needs Support Center at QU shared with the audience the important services they provide to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the Qatar University community.
“This is Public Heath” virtual event concluded on Wednesday November 4th with five public health students and alumni presenting the findings of their capstone projects. These projects were implemented as part of their undergraduate program and focused on QU students and community.



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