The Student Affairs Department at Qatar University (QU) held the first virtual Lean Management Forum as part of the action plan for one of the important strategic initiatives of the Student Affairs Sector, which is “Enhancing effectiveness and effectiveness through the application of Lean management tools.”

Dr. Eiman Mustafawi, Vice President for Student Affairs, opened the event with an opening speech in which she expressed her thanks and welcomed the attendees, she stated that lean management goes beyond the limits of using technology or electronic programs to speed up our work, but rather it is a way of thinking and working style that enables us to be more effective and productive. She called on everyone to monitor and review the services provided and try to develop them. After that, she thanked the team behind this initiative, which despite the challenges and circumstances, worked hard to achieve its goals. She also thanked all the departments and staff of the Student Affairs Sector who believed in the idea and were proactive in implementing it.

Ms. Maymoona Al-Saadi, Director of the Universal Service Center, welcomed everyone, and explained that the sector adopted the name "Project Zero" for this strategic initiative, and then presented the project schedule.

She stated that this name "Project Zero" aimed at emphasizing the development of services and transactions provided by the sector in order for it to become smoother, faster, and fewer errors, and the name zero was chosen to symbolize the target performance level on all the main indicators of the project, namely: zero paper transactions - zero office errors - zero, tolerance for practices that are inconsistent with educational and educational goals - zero, degree of acceptance of behaviors that contradict With student and customer service.

In addition, a statistic for the year 2019-2020 was presented, including completed projects, ongoing projects, and delayed projects; where the highest percentage of completed projects related to student life and services, in addition, projects related to student life and services accounted for 50% of the ongoing projects that year.

The 2020-2021 statistic was also presented, where the largest percentage of completed projects were admission and enrollment projects, and admission and enrollment projects accounted for 58% of the ongoing projects.

After presenting these statistics, it was moved to the criteria for evaluating the winning projects, which included the commitment of the work team to the procedures followed, the spirit of cooperation in the one team, and the application of the concepts of lean management correctly.

Then, the three winning projects were announced with congratulations to those in charge of them:

1- Improving the mechanism for requesting electronic books - University Books Section.

2- Amending contact information for applicants - Admission Department.

3- Students expected to graduate - Academic Counseling Center.

The event concluded with a variety of questions from the audience, all of which were answered by the work team. In the end, Ms. Maymouna Al-Saadi thanked everyone and hoped to meet them again in the forum’s second edition in 2022.

Source: Qatar University