Qatar University’s Health Cluster (QU-Health) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) unit hosted an interactive live webinar entitled “Vaccine Coverage and Community Health” which aimed encompassing the principles of vaccines and immunization, vaccine-preventable diseases and the Qatar Immunization Program.
The educational session targeted at apprising health care professionals about the role of vaccinations in preventing the spread of disease and protecting public health; and raise awareness of the comprehensive national immunization program that supports these efforts.
Vaccinations are considered one of the most successful interventions in modern medical practice; they improve the overall quality of life and prevent needless death and suffering. Qatar follows the World Health Organization’s vaccine schedule in offering an expanded immunization program and have developed an advanced and modern child immunization program, which is freely available to all residents. The National Immunization technical advisory group (NITAG) is also constantly reviewing and making adjustments to the vaccination schedule in accordance with the trends of disease prevention in the country.
Dr Susu Zughaier, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at College of Medicine, QU-Health lead the webinar and explained that, “In this COVID-19 pandemic it is important that all healthcare professionals have a fundamental understanding of the principles of immunization. There is so much in the media regarding the development of vaccines and this can lead public anxiety- it is therefore essential that healthcare professionals are informed to respond to questions and help reassure the patients they care for”.
This event was arranged by Qatar University-Health in collaboration with experts from the Primary Health Care Corporation as part of their continuing professional development program. The unit works in partnership with both health and educational institutions in Qatar to initially investigate the training needs of the health workforce; and secondly deliver targeted training to address these needs.
Dr. Khalid Elawad, Health Protection Manager at PHCC presented Qatar’s continued efforts to enhance the national immunization program remarked that, “The Vaccine Coverage and Community Protection Webinar demonstrates the significant benefits of partnership between educational institutions and service providers. This collaboration helps in building an informed healthcare system that includes governmental, private and semi-private establishments, which will leads to a stronger immunization program in Qatar. These efforts consequently enhance patient safety and reduce the overall burden of vaccine preventable diseases in Qatar creating a healthier population.”
The CPD unit in QU-Health have been working hard to harness the efforts of local experts to work together in developing further educational and training activities. A six-part Research Skills Webinar series will be beginning on the 29th September which will be accessible to a global audience on YouTube. This highly relevant series will be delivered at a time where there is increasing research being published regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and aims to support healthcare professionals and educators to develop their skills in conducting and interpreting research.
QU-Health CPD coordinator Dr Zachariah Nazar explained that, “We, as CPD providers have a significant responsibility to ensure that our healthcare workers are provided with convenient means to access the most relevant educational and training to support their practice in these challenging times.”


Source: Qatar University

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