Qatar University’s (QU) College of Health Sciences Student Association (CHSSA) organized a webinar titled “Don’t say you can’t, you have a hidden power” on May 23. The webinar was presented by Lara Darwish, An International Coach who specializes in advanced leadership skills, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence.

The webinar aimed towards understanding how to discover ourselves in a correct way and understand our behaviors, which affect our self-growth and development. The (CHSSA) Vice President, Asma Hassan welcomed the attendees who joined the workshop from inside and outside Qatar, she expressed her thanks to Lara for accepting the invitation, as she is one of the best coaches in this field.

During the opening speech, Asma Hassan said, “There are many people who lived and died and did not know themselves properly. They had goals and dreams that they sought to achieve, but they could not achieve any of them because they lacked self-discovery in the right way. Therefore, we must all try to get to know ourselves and discover our energy / capabilities first to take a distinct path to success.”

Lara Darwish has a bachelor’s degree in international business and a master’s degree in higher education. On top pf that, she is an inspiring person and always strives to create a positive change in the lives of others? and her mission is to help others discover their inner power and put it to use for the common good.

Lara presented herself and welcomed the attendees, while giving her opening speech she said, “We humans are constantly changing, whether biologically through aging or mentally through our own experiences. Yet positive change doesn't happen by default, we need to put the effort and time to develop ourselves in a way that enables us to pursue our dreams and reach fulfillment.”

The workshops started by illustrating the scientific way of our emotion process and how we trigger them, further they discussed emotional intelligence aspects and why it’s essential in self-growth. Furthermore, inner and exterior motives were discussed and their distinct role in directing our goals and purposes. Self-awareness, self-regulation and motivation were discussed thoroughly. The attendees interacted with Lara through the workshop, and finally there was a space for more discussion and suggestion.