QSA Launches Fieldwork of Household Survey

Doha, September 17 (QNA) – Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA) is set to launch tomorrow, Tuesday, the fieldwork of a survey that aims to at collecting detailed data on household expenditure, consumption and income.
The Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) mainly consists in providing the basic information needed for the establishment of policies at the national level within different sectors. The survey in question helps specify pertinent needs.
The QSA said that the household shall note down relevant expenditure data day by day for a period of one complete month, adding that the survey data will give the reader a rare opportunity to be familiar with the distribution of income and expenditure levels in general, and with some main indicators related to the composition of the Qatari society and the levels of household consumption.
The survey will identify the sizes and modes of annual consumption expenditure in the family sector (households) within Qatar, and relation thereof to the demographic, economic and social changes for both the Qatari nationals and the expatriates, at the level of the State of Qatar (urban/rural areas), the municipalities and the regions. 
The survey will provide data that serve the socio-economic development planning in the State of Qatar, whereas such data help evaluate the impacts of the existing or proposed socio-economic programs on households living conditions.
It will calculate the average of annual consumption expenditure of households and members on each different expenditure item (goods and services), while studying relevant affecting factors. It will, as well, calculate the average income of households and members according to different income sources. It will calculate households and members flexibility of expenditure on goods and services based on their income changes.
The survey will study the levels of salaries, and relevant effects on different aspects of household consumption expenditure (such as the housing, the health, the education, etc ), it will identify the size of current demand, and estimate the future demand on such goods and services required to fulfill the population needs, whether from the local production or the imports.
It will identify the activities of the informal sector, particularly the agricultural activity and relevant productivity, and the activities of the household sector (extra facilities) and relevant importance for the national economy.
The survey will fulfill the needs of the national accounts system in terms of all such data related to the numbers of expenditure and income accounts, and disposal modes, and the capital account of the household sector, considered one of the main sectors in the national economy. (END)

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