Qatar’s UNCTAD Presidency to Be an Active One – HE Culture Minister

Doha, September 17 (QNA) – HE Minister of Culture, Heritage and Arts Dr. Hamad bin Abdul Aziz Al Kuwari said Monday that Qatar’s presidency of the UNCTAD will be an active one and will help to make UNCTAD more effective in contributing to the broader global discourse on development.
 Speaking today at the opening session of the 59th UNCTAD in Geneva, HE the Minister said “As we look forward to the work of the next four years, I reiterate what I said Qatar, and what I declared in New York shortly after the conference: ours will be an active presidency. I will continue to give UNCTAD my personal attention”
His Excellency added that the interest of HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani in the conference paved the way for making the 13th UNCTAD a success.
HE extended his thanks to UNCTAD General Secretariat’s office for their efforts and the leadership of the Secretary General of the UNCTAD, Supachai Panitchpakdi.
“I extend him my congratulations for the good work he has done and the excellent efforts of the secretariat to ensure that UNCTAD continues to deliver for development and for developing countries,”  HE Minister of Culture said.
“We will help to make UNCTAD more effective in contributing to the broader global discourse on development. we will closely monitor the implementation of our collective achievement. And we will spare no efforts to be available to help build consensus among member states on the key development issues of our day,” he added.
His Excellency said that they have addressed a fitting theme in Doha, “Development Centered Globalization: Towards inclusive and Sustainable Growth.”, which is considered now inspiring to the interactions and consensus building at the current 59th UNCTAD opening session.
“In effect, the work we have all agreed to pursue under the Doha Mandate in the spirit of the Doha Manar,” His Excellency said. 
 HE the minister said in his speech that Qatar greeted the intergovernmental agreement reached, as it demonstrated clearly that the international community understood Qatar’s resolve as the host country to strengthen UNCTAD, and to continue our strong and focused agreement, adding that the personal attention of HH the Emir of Qatar who addressed the conference and visited the venue twice, set the tone for the successful conclusion of UNCTAD XIII.
Dr. Al-Kuwari said that through the intense and at times of difficult negotiations and discussions, including particularly challenging preparatory process, it became clear that the only chance at a good agreement was for the member states to make the ultimate sacrifice in diplomacy – to embrace the bigger picture no matter how challenging the circumstances may be, and no matter how strong the temptation to resort to parochialism.
He expressed pride that Doha Conference  could bridge the differences, address the difficult issues and embrace the spirit of consensus and compromise for the sake of each other, hoping for this spirit to continue.
He said that the most important is the clear manifestation of will of member states to take their ownership of UNCTAD more vigorously, to strengthen the consensus building pillar, noting that it is encouraging, given the need for alternative venues to discuss the ideas that have a cross-cutting nature and impact, so that  they can be brought into the relevant negotiating forums by the WTO, IMF and beyond.
HE Al-Kuwari stressed that UNCTAD should serve as a venue where consensus can built and captured, which has been the case at some key sessions of the Trade and Development Board (TDB) on some key issues of the day.

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