Qatar University Young Scientists Center (QUYSC), in alliance with the Research Support (Grants and Contracts) Department in the office of Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies (VPRGS), has inaugurated the 2nd cycle of the National Science Promotion Program (NSPP)” on 8th Sept 2022.


The main objective of this research program is to offer national high school students an opportunity to explore the world of research. Furthermore, the program supports youth empowerment in STEM disciplines, preparing them for the future STEM workforce.


The program was originally founded in December 2020. The winning projects of the research grants (2nd cycle) were announced in June 2021.


The NSPP commenced with an opening ceremony at Qatar University. The winning projects were presented to the high school students so they could comprehend and select the research of their choice. The number of students participating in the 2nd cycle of the NSP Program is twelve from six different public and private schools: Jassim Bin Hamad School, Al-Arqam Academy for Girl, Zubaida School, Qatar Banking Studies and admiration, Al-Jazeera Academy, and Omar Bin Al-Khattab. This initiation will expose them to scientific research under the guidance & supervision of researchers, research assistants, and undergraduate students from Qatar University. They will get hands-on training in the research laboratories’ tasks. Eventually, the program will help them understand the importance of research, cultivate research interests, and pursue careers in research. The students’ scientific journey will instigate on 11 Sept 2021 at various colleges and research centers of Qatar University. Project presentations by students will be held during the closing ceremony, aiding them in showcasing their research and its significance to Qatar.


Dr. Saeed Hashim Almeer, Director of Research Support (Grants and Contracts) Department gave a speech at the ceremony, motivated the students, and congratulated them for their nomination to participate in the NSPP program. Also, he mentioned that this program will get them an opportunity to work as a researcher in the university laboratory.


Prof. Mariam Al-Maadeed, VP for Research and Graduate Studies, stated, “Research and Graduate Studies Sector encourages the participation of an assimilation of researchers, graduate students, university students, and school students in research activities, which gives them a new outlook on research. It will enable the students to think critically, enhance their skills and problem-solving capabilities, and to gain more knowledge about the technical aspects of different research fields.”


Prof. Noora Jabor Al-Thani, Director of the Qatar University Young Scientists center, expresses her pride by saying, “The NSP Program is a unique research program, specially targeted for the national high school students. This program is a stepping stone for developing a better STEM workforce and knowledge-based economy in Qatar”. Finally, Prof. Noora expresses her gratitude toward the program partners, the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science.


Source: Qatar University

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