Qatar Supports UN Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen in 2019 with $ 27 Million

The State of Qatar has announced the support of the United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen in 2019 with US $ 27 million. It noted that Qatari charities will coordinate with United Nations organizations and agencies and other humanitarian organizations in order to finance various humanitarian and service programs and projects in Yemen.

This came during the participation of the State of Qatar in the "High-Level Commitments to the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen" held at the UN headquarters in Geneva at the invitation of the Swiss Union, Sweden and the United Nations.

The State of Qatar was represented by its Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office at Geneva HE Ambassador Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri.

HE the Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations Office at Geneva delivered a statement in which he affirmed that the participation of the State of Qatar comes from its constant commitment to support all sincere efforts aimed at helping the brotherly Yemeni people and alleviating the great human suffering they have suffered for many years.

He stressed that the government and people of Qatar have not failed to refrain from their humanitarian and moral duty to provide various kinds of support and humanitarian assistance in order to alleviate the repercussions of the humanitarian crisis on the brotherly people of Yemen and to strengthen cooperation with the United Nations and various humanitarian agencies and organizations to challenges and difficulties facing the implementation of their humanitarian programs and activities in Yemen.

He added that the amount of government aid provided by the State of Qatar to Yemen amounted to more than $345 million in the period 2010-2018. Assistance through non-governmental organizations reached more than $ 257 million during the period 2010-2017. This assistance covered relief projects, food and water supply, health and sanitation, as well as development projects in the fields of construction, education, culture and social welfare, HE Al Mansouri added.

During the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly last September, HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani announced the allocation of US $ 70 million to Yemen, as well as Qatar's recent signing of an agreement with the World Food Program $3 million , as well as five different relief, humanitarian and development projects totaling $21 million, he noted.

He said that the figures released by the United Nations on the humanitarian situation in Yemen is "frightening and catastrophic" and shameful at the same time because it is made by human beings, as about 80% of Yemenis, or 24 million people, need humanitarian assistance and protection, and about 20 million people need food security, and 2 million severely malnourished children, as well as deteriorating health and education services.

He noted that the war in Yemen began for two reasons: to restore the legitimate government and stop the security threat along the Saudi border, where neither of these has been achieved so far, and that the Yemeni people are paying the price, "therefore, the only way forward is to give priority to the interests of the Yemenis and bring them to safety by ending the fighting and starting a genuine national dialogue that includes all segments of the Yemeni people to reach a political solution that meets their legitimate demands, and ensure the protection of civilians ".

In this regard, HE the Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations Office at Geneva welcomed the conclusion by the Yemeni parties of the Stockholm Agreement and the efforts of the United Nations in this context and expressed the hope of the State of Qatar to continue to implement the next stages of the withdrawal and cessation of hostilities agreements, which would contribute to facilitating and enhancing access to humanitarian assistance.

He also welcomed in the name of State of Qatar the efforts made to implement the prisoner exchange agreement. He expressed the hope that the parties would reach a comprehensive agreement on the humanitarian importance it represents in the lives of citizens, alleviate the suffering of detainees and abductees and restore hope to the families of the return of their kin in order to increase trust between the conflicting parties.

Concluding, HE Ambassador Al-Mansouri reiterated Qatar's firm stance on Yemen's unity, independence and territorial integrity. He called on all Yemeni parties to national reconciliation to end the conflict on the basis of UN Security Council Resolution 2216, the Gulf Initiative and the outcome of the national dialogue .

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs