Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care Launch New Slogan

Doha, October 02 (QNA) – Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care inaugurated Tuesday its new slogan “Ihsan”, inspired by the Holy Quran and the religious heritage. “Ihsan”, which means kindness and philanthropy, was launched with an aim to change the stereotyped image of the elderly as helpless or unable.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony, HE Chairman of Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care “Ihsan” Dr. Sheikh Khalid bin Jabor Al Thani underlined the importance of strengthening the foundation services to be an active part of the society, and the importance of changing the society’s perception towards the foundation.
He highlighted the State and the foundation’s commitment towards the elderly, and the keenness to attract capable people of elderly to benefit from their experiences.
He stressed the need to enhance the status of the elderly as a key segment of society.
As the world is celebrating the International Day for the Elderly, HE Sheikh Khalid bin Jabor Al Thani said that there should be a daily celebration and kindness for the elderly not only one day of attention.  
On the sidelines of the ceremony, HE Sheikh Khalid stressed the need the stereotyped image in the community about the elderly through programs in schools, families and education, pointing out that the foundation does not act as family, but it rather supports the role of parents and the relationship with the children.
Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care “Ihsan” is special social institution with a public benefit. Its statute was adopted in January 2003.
Ihsan seeks to participate in the provision of a safe and stable life for the elderly in Qatar, to reach an integrated system that includes the home, the hospital, and the shelter, and to develop the necessary facilities and appropriate legislation.
Ihsan has many services, including social work and nursing, physical therapy, programs and activities, home care and psychological counseling.  (QNA)

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