Qatar Foundation Announces a New Partnership with the Economist Group

New York, September 27 (QNA) – A prestigious event that heralds the launch of an exciting new relationship between Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and The Economist Group (TEG) will take place in New York City tomorrow. A host of key decision-makers and academics from Qatar Foundation will be in attendance.
The event, entitled Ideas Economy: Human Potential, will take place at the National Museum of the American Indian in Manhattan. It tackles many themes central to Qatar s ongoing transformation into a knowledge-based economy, such as technological innovation, talent retention and human capital development.
The event is being chaired by The Economist’s US business editor and New York bureau chief, Matthew Bishop, and management editor and Schumpeter columnist, Adrian Wooldridge. It features analysis and commentary from renowned authors, scholars, journalists, policymakers and business leaders, who will share experiences and advocate ways to advance economic growth through human capital.
Meanwhile, interactive lectures will explore technology s impact on the workplace as speakers reveal methods that organizations could employ to harness the rapid pace of innovation for socioeconomic progress. Other segments will focus on leadership, education, and competitiveness.
Commenting on the agreement, Qatar Foundation’s Director of Communication Haya bint Khalifa Al Nassr said, “We are very proud to announce Qatar Foundation’s new partnership with The Economist Group, which provides invaluable and fresh insight into the pivotal issues facing the region and their implications on the wider world.”
This initiative marks the beginning of a relationship between TEG and Qatar Foundation, who share common values and goals. While TEG informs readers across the world about current social and economic developments, Qatar Foundation continues to pursue its mission of “unlocking human potential” through innovative educational endeavours. Over the course of the next year, the relationship will flourish through a series of engaging discussion-based events and student internship programmes.
In December, TEG will host The World in 2013 festival in New York, NY. Key Foundation personnel, chosen through an internal selection process that demonstrates their understanding of the organisation s mission and objectives, will participate.
Foundation students will also benefit from an enlightening educational programme that will allow a select few to secure prestigious internships with TEG.
They will learn key skills, such as how to conduct research and produce high-quality written material, as they shadow members of TEG s programming division.  (QNA)

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