Qatar Due to Host World Paramotor Championship for First Time in Middle East

Qatar Air Sports Committee (QASC) of the Joint Special Forces announced on Sunday that it will be hosting the sixth World Paramotor Championship for the first time in the Middle East during the period Feb. 1-14, 2024.

The tournament will feature wide international participation of all segments, especially after Qatar had succeeded in hosting the 44th CISM World Military Parachuting Championship in 2021.

In his remarks during a press conference held on Sunday to announce this hosting, Vice Chairman of QASC Abdullah Saeed Al Mansouri, said Qatar’s hosting of this championship is a product of unlimited support and full care the sports has been receiving from the wise leadership in the country, adding that air sports has dramatically received wide popularity recently from spectators and fans in the Qatari community who became ardent and fervor lovers for such type of sports.

QASC has been keen to develop this enthusiasm and passion to offer the Qatari young people an opportunity to contend with largest international teams in air sports, including Paramotor contests, Al Mansouri added.

He asserted that the high privilege the air sports attained in Qatar was by virtue of the unlimited support from the State of Qatar to ultimately generate success in achieving a paradigm shift that made remarkable achievements in parachuting and Paramotor globally, especially after the Qatari Paramotor team has been dominating the world championships through ascending to global coronation platforms and subsequently became a model in FAI.

He pointed out that the QASC is undoubtedly able to make this tournament a title of excellence and have an indelible event that can never be erased from Paramotor memory through solidarity and cooperation with the tournament organizing committee.

In remarks during the press conference, secretary-general of QASC Captain Hazza Hamad Al Attiyah confirmed that Qatar stands ready to host this championship which is considered a first-of-its-kind event in the region, adding that the Qatari team had better preparation for this competition to proceed with the accomplishments made in the recent period.

The tournament is expected to witness the participation of 20 states, along with 70 athletes at Lusail coast to offer the opportunity for the participating delegations to get familiarized with the tourist destinations in Qatar, Al Attiyah outlined.

The coach of the Qatari Paramotor team Saeed Abdullah Al Marri said the team is better prepared for the tournament through holding an external camp in Spain, pointing out that the team aim to offer good performance in the tournament with the participation of 10 athletes.

Head of media affairs at QASC, Salim Rashid Al Fahida said media is essential tool for awareness whatever its multitude of forms and circumstances are, adding that media plays an instrumental role in establishing and upgrading communities.

He added that after the tremendous evolution parachuting sports has undergone with its all types, the media significance became very crucial to break records.

Source: Qatar News Agency