Qatar Affirms Equal Access to Vaccines is Only Way to Limit and End Coronavirus

The State of Qatar has reaffirmed its keenness, since the beginning of the spread of the Coronavirus “Covid-19”, to provide all medical care services without any discrimination, putting human rights at the center of the measures it has taken.

Out of its awareness of the fact that confronting this pandemic is a collective responsibility, the State of Qatar affirmed that equal access to vaccines is an ethical test and the only way to limit and end this pandemic.

This came in the State of Qatar’s statement delivered by HE Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations Office in Geneva Ambassador Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri during the public debate on the updated statement of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, at the Human Rights Council.

HE thanked the High Commissioner for Human Rights for her statement, expressing his agreement on the importance of promoting public participation as a means to ensure the development of effective policies.

In this regard, HE Ambassador Al Mansouri said that the State of Qatar intends to hold the first elections for the Shura Council next October, with the aim of enhancing popular participation in the legislative process by transferring the Shura Council from an appointed council to an elected one in accordance with the permanent constitution of the State of Qatar.

On the situation in Libya and Yemen, HE renewed Qatar’s call for all parties to shoulder their responsibilities, build on the agreements reached and move forward with the political process and national reconciliation to preserve the country’s unity and rebuild institutions, in a way that contributes to ensuring security, stability and development.

In Syria, Ambassador Al Mansouri renewed Qatar’s call to the international community to end the state of division and make real efforts to reach a political solution that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people and leads to a political transition in accordance with the Geneva Declaration and Resolution No. 2254, as well as ensuring justice and accountability for perpetrators of violations and crimes.


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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