In recent years, the world witnessed an increased divorce rate and is considered one of the times’ problems, as this problem has been increasing due to the effects of a previous marriage. However, many men resort to marrying again after a divorce, in a study entitled “Marriage after divorce for the man” by Ruba Abu Tarbush, Teaching assistant of social work program, Department of Social Sciences, this study supported by the Journal of Social Sciences and the Arab Democratic Center. It conducted to identify some of the social characteristics of married men in a second marriage, and the most important reasons that prompted the man to marry the second and to know the timing of marriage before/after the divorce, as well as the most critical economic, psychological and social problems that a man suffers from after the second marriage. This research serves Qatar University with publishing in scientific journals and the research field. The university considers an active and pivotal research body that conducts high-level research, and the university’s research priorities are consistent with the national priorities for research.
The importance of the study is highlighted by the fact that men married after divorce represent one of the segments of society who suffer from problems and pressures in their lives, so this study comes to identify the reasons for the second marriage after divorce from the viewpoint of the divorced, as well as to shed light on the most critical problems facing him in this marriage, and that To learn more about the effects of divorce and failure in the first marital relationship on a man’s new life, noting that previous studies, especially Arabic, on this subject are few and dealt with the effects of divorce on both women and men, It may also help those who are about to get married to pay attention to looking at the future married life more seriously and may open the way for counselors and specialists to help the divorced man by setting up counseling programs to alleviate the experience of the problems caused and paying attention to setting up special counseling programs for couples whose marriage is necessary to help them overcome it. Contribution and addition to the literature on the topics of marriage and divorce, as it noticed that there was a deficiency related to the subject of study resulting from the difficulties and privacy of the family system in the Arab region in general.

Many results of this study emerged, including After analyzing the results of the study for a sample of (100) divorced men with children from a previous and married marriage, it became clear that the average age of the participants was (34.4) years, which is the category in which the percentage of men divorcing according to the statistics is a high percentage, most of them were campaigners Most of them work in the private sector, most of them live with the wife from a second marriage after divorce without the children from the first marriage, as most of the children were in the mother’s custody at a rate of (50%) while (21%) of them were in the custody of the father.
As for the reasons resulting from divorce in a previous marriage that the participants in the study mentioned, the most important was the intervention of the parents, the intervention by the family of the husband or wife in the affairs of the spouses and their lives, and the period of the previous marriage was (1 year – 3 years). It is known that during this period, the marriage is going through the ebb and flow state, so we should educate more about the first years of marriage. It was also possible to avoid divorce in the first marriage had it not been for the interventions of the spouses’ family and their need for guidance and reform between them in a neutral way, mostly since most of the divorced spouses used to marry the second before the divorce decision was issued, which makes it a hasty decision, as the husband used to engage in engagement or marriage before the divorce occurred By (58%), the participants gave reasons for this, most of which were “the belief that the first marriage had ended because of the disagreements that occurred before the second marriage and the impossibility of returning to each other.” (81%) of them went to parties to resolve the dispute between them and the first wife, but most of them were within the family, including the husband’s family or the wife’s family, or it done through friends. As for resorting to specialized agencies, it was less, as most of it took place through the Children’s Watch Center as a home Child hospitality and family counseling of the Jordanian Women’s Union, after separation or divorce has taken place, and some of them have resorted to judges and lawyers as well. The results showed that problems were higher on the social side, followed by the psychological side, and lower on the economic side.
The researcher made many recommendations in the research, including Conducting Arab and local studies dealing with the second marriage of a man and a woman, educating the family and introducing it to the competent authorities that can be resorted to in the event of differences and tensions between the spouses before the divorce takes place, creating programs for training staff in various institutions to increase qualification in The field of family marital counseling. In addition to that, working on employing male social workers in Sharia courts to reconcile the spouses, rehabilitate divorced people after divorce and help them understand the reasons for the divorce that occurred between them, and ways for divorced people and children to accept the reality of divorce and adapt them to life after the divorce. Likewise, Sharia judges should not initiate divorce procedures until all means have been exhausted to reach reconciliation. The researcher stressed the need to educate the local community about the importance of proper marital choice and the need for harmony between spouses by designing programs aimed at imparting marital life skills and methods of interaction between spouses, especially between families in which the second marriage took place, and they have children.



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