Postal Congress Fulfills its Targets, Nigeria’s Communication Minister Says

Doha, October 08 (QNA) – The 25th Universal Postal Congress has been so far a good chance to achieve our objectives, a high-level dignitary said Monday.
 “The number of developing economies that we have right now which is a proof of being able to fulfill the reform objectives of the universal postal Union,” Nigeria’s Minister of Communication Omobola Johnson told Qatar News Agency (QNA) today during a ministerial conference under the theme ” Delivering the 2020 Postal Vision” held on the sidelines of the 25th Universal Postal Congress in Doha.
She noted that the congress has been looking during its sessions over the past few weeks on how we can reform the postal sector and get more relevant to it in this fast pace hyper connected world.
“We are determined to creating a common access and a common platform for many of our small businesses to actually put their businesses on the internet and enable people to purchase goods and services are al among the most crucial targets,” Johnson said.  Talking on the role of the postal sector in Africa in facilitating trade Nigeria’s minister of communication technology said that the postal sector has a very crucial part to play particularly in terms of the delivery of the goods that will be procured over networks.
Nigeria particularly has seen a 25% increase in online trade-(e-commerce), she noted.
“We see that this trade will move from 300 million USD to about 1 Billion USD in around 3 OR 4 years,” she forecasted.
Nigeria’s minister of communication stressed that enabling people in rural areas to have access to the e-commerce process stays their top target, however.
She said the internet access to some of the postal agencies in rural areas should be secured as people are generally more familiar to post office than they are to a bank in such areas.
“In Nigeria we have a broad band policy where we are trying to quadruple the access to broadband over the next 3 -4 years, and this means we’ll take the broadband infrastructure out to rural areas,” she said.
The ministerial conference today is gathering 15 government ministers from across the globe including ministers from Nigeria, Japan, India, Tunisia, Uruguay, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania along with postal chief executive, and secretary general of the international communication Union and Deputy Director general of the world Trade Organization.
They are all to discuss the strategic issues facing postal sector and its evolving role in communication and as a motor of trade facilitation and socioeconomic development.(END)

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