PM Opens Meeting of Arab Ministerial Committee on Syria

Doha, July 22 (QNA) -HE Qatar’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin
Jabor Al Thani, chairman of the Arab Ministerial Committee on Syria, has regretted the failure of all Arab and international initiatives geared toward ensuring a peaceful transfer of authority in Syria and staunching bloodshed ,because of the Syrian regime’s clinging to a security solution.
    Opening the meeting of the Ministerial Committee at Sheraton Doha, he said “we have launched successive Arab , and later international initiatives to convince our brethren and the ruling authority in Syria to heed the desire of the free Syrian people”.
    In October 2011, the Arab League presented an initiative to solve the Syria crisis , and in January 22 this year proposed an organized withdrawal of the Syrian regime under Arab League supervision, preserving for Syria its status in the Arab world,  Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim recalled.
   Regrettably, the League’s initiatives fell on deaf ears whereas accusations against the League continued and the Syrian regime held up to a unilateral solution using force to kill innocent women and children, he said.

HE Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim said warnings preceded the current situation in Syria, before the Syrian people started to defend themselves whereas their struggle was described by some
as a war of criminal gangs. He urged for a secure way out of the crisis, maintaining the national fabric of Syria.
   This, he added ,need a courageous decision by the Syrian President to transfer power peacefully to stem bloodshed.
   The objective of the mission of Kofi Annan, the envoy of the Arab League and the UN should change to target a peaceful transition of power in Syria. The Arab Ministerial Committee was not successful in transferring power and staunching blood-letting in Syria, he added. “We were unsuccessful at the Arab and international levels to transfer power because of objections at the UN Security Council, the matter which leads to more blood in Syria”, he said , adding that differences at the Council is a license for more killings.
HE The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister hoped that the UN Security Council will reassess the situation in Syria for the interest of this region and the strategic ties of the world with Syria. Its time to achieve this objective, he said.
  The world’s public opinion was  hurt by  the UN Security Council’s latest resolution on Syria which was shocking, and would only prolong the crisis.
   HE Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim emphasized that the Syrian people will eventually achieve their  objectives, expressing the hope this would be realized with the least possible losses and destruction.
  He hoped that the meeting of the Ministerial Committee would be able to design a course for an understanding with the Syrian regime in order to sop the bloodshed and secure a peaceful transfer of power.  

Addressing the Arab Ministerial Committee on Syria , Arab League Secretary General Nabil Al Arabi said that the grave situation in Syria required a new Arab approach leading to stopping bloodshed there.
    As the Annan and Arab efforts bore no fruits, a new course must be found to deal with the next phase of the conflict, dealing with the situation on the ground, he said.
   He warned of a civil war in Syria and called for discussing the plight of the Syrian refugees whose numbers are increasing in neighbouring countries .He also warned against Israel’s involvement in the crisis under the pretext of securing alleged Syrian chemical weapons. (qna)

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