Niger’s Ministry of Education Honors Qatar Charity

Doha, September 19 (QNA) -Niger’s ministry of Education has recently honored Qatar Charity (QC) in appreciation of all its efforts supporting education there throughout the 2011/2012 academic year. The honoring took place during a celebration marking the country’s national day and was attended by a number of heads of educational institutions and students as well, a press release issued Wednesday by QC said.
Meanwhile, QC’s executive director for international operations, Mohammed Mubarak Salem al Adsani said in a statement that the honoring of QC came in culmination of its exerted efforts and implemented projects in developing Niger’s education and enhancing the schools’ infrastructure there. He hailed Niger’s government for the honoring of QC and noted meantime that it will be carrying on their efforts in reaching out to Niger in different fields.
 Qatar Charity has contributed in the building of around 72 classrooms this year in different educational institutions across Niger. It also started some saving accounts aimed to sponsor Niger’s orphans, and needy teachers and families. (QNA)

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