Msheireb Properties Inaugurates On-Site Concrete Batching Plant

Doha, August 29 (QNA) – Msheireb Properties announced that it has introduced more environmentally responsible concrete in the construction of its flagship development, the QR20bn Msheireb Downtown Doha project.  A company statement released on Wednesday said “the project now operates an on-site concrete batching plant, which is one of the most environmentally efficient of its type in the region, using cement mixes that consume significantly less energy and produce fewer harmful emissions”.
The ‘green concrete’ produced at Msheireb’s now fully operational batching plant reduces emissions by using recycled materials as a substitute for cement.
Ground-granulated blast-furnace slag, known as GGBS or ‘fly ash’, a by-product of iron and steel making, replaces up to 70% of conventional cement in the concrete mixing process. GGBS-based concrete is also stronger than ordinary concrete and emits less heatwhile curing.
With construction of Msheireb Downtown Doha now well underway and concrete being poured around the clock, the environmental benefits of the new batching plant are considerable.
“Msheireb Downtown Doha aims to be sustainable both in its construction and operation. That is why we are prioritising investments in the most advanced and environmentally friendly building techniques,” said Mohammed Al-Marri, Chief Officer Design and Delivery at Msheireb Properties.
“The project’s new batching facility is another example of the stringent environmental standards we are applying to the development of one of the world’s largest urban sustainable regeneration projects,” he added. 
Cement manufacture is generally energy intensive producing large amounts of carbon dioxide. Cement production globally is responsible for around five% of all greenhouse gas emissions, a figure set to rise in line with dramatic population growth and urban development.
Locating the new batching plant at the Msheireb Downtown Doha construction site also saves fuel in the transportation of labour and raw materials, and reduces the need for cooling to maintain concrete at a stable temperature during summertime transportation and pouring.
Compared with making 100 round trips per day to the nearest concrete batching plant, located 25 kilometres from Doha, the new facility will slash the distance travelled by supply trucks by nearly half, from 3.9 million kilometres per year to 1.4 million kilometres per year, and reducing vehicle CO2 emissions by 4,551 metric tonnes per year or equivalent to 750 passenger vehicles consuming 1,759,470 litres of gasoline.
Preliminary calculation indicate that upon completion, expected energy and water reduction in the Msheireb Downtown Doha project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 110,000 metric tons of CO2 per year compared with the carbon emissions of a conventional urban development of a similar size.
That is equal to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of 18,277 passenger vehicles consuming 42,877,121 litres of gasoline. (END)

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