Meetings of 11th session of Syrian-Iraqi Joint Committee start in Damascus

The 11th session of the Syrian -Iraqi Joint Committee started its meetings on Monday at the Damascus-based Dama Rose Hotel with the participation of Minister of Economy and Internal Trade, Dr. Mohammad Samer al-Khalil and Iraqi Trade Minister Atheer al-Ghurairy.

The current session aims to discuss bilateral cooperation in the domains of economy, trade, agriculture, investment and education.

Minister al-Khalil underlined the importance of enhancing the volume of intra-trade between Syria and Iraq.

According to al-Khalil, the meetings will deal with the issue of customs duties and would address everything that prevents the flow of Syrian products to Iraqi markets or the entry of Iraqi products into Syria, out of both sides’ keenness on increasing the level of trade exchange.

He stressed the need to develop bilateral economic relations in the domain of investment, and to sign initial documents for cooperation in the sectors of health, trade, education and other fields.

Minister al-Khalil hailed the recent measures taken by the Iraqi side with regard to transit and transportation between the two countries and facilitating the entry of Syrian products through Iraq to the markets of other countries, which greatly contributes to saving time and cost.

In turn, the Iraqi Minister of Trade said that launching the work of the joint Syrian-Iraqi committee is a step towards a better future for the Syrian-Iraqi relations in the best interests of the two countries.

He noted that the work of the committee will deal with all sectors and what resulted from the previous meeting of the committee with regard to signing memos of understanding in the fields of health, trade and education.

Minister al-Ghurairy said that the ambition is great to attract Syrian industrial capabilities and expertise inside Iraq, indicating that the Iraqi market is promising, and the laws and legislations are flexible to open up to all sectors.

The Chairman of the Planning and International Cooperation Commission, Dr. Fadi Salti al-Khalil, considered that the comprehensive representation of the two sides in the committee’s meetings indicates a real determination by both countries to develop bilateral cooperation.

“The participation in the talks aims to establish the mutual economic relationship between the Iraqi and Syrian sides,” Ali Abdul Hadi al-Dakhili, Vice-President of the Federation of Iraqi Industries said.

Al-Dakhili added that there is a real desire of the Syrian investor to make investments in Iraq, and there is an intention to transfer the joint industry between the two sides, in a way that would contribute to strengthening the Syrian-Iraqi economic relations.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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