Israeli Army Wounds, Arrests Palestinians in Multiple Areas Across West Bank

The Israeli occupation army stormed several villages and towns in the occupied West Bank, sparking confrontations that resulted in injuring many Palestinians and arresting others.

Local sources said that seven Palestinians, among them a child, were injured by a salvo of Israeli ammunitions, during the Israeli army’s incursion into Nablus city north of the occupied West Bank.

The sources highlighted that the Israeli army deployed its forces near Balata refugee camp amid intense gunfire, which sparked confrontations, during which three people, among them a child, were injured. Also, four others were wounded by shrapnel shells, and all were whisked off to the hospital.

The Israeli army stormed Beita town south of Nablus and broke into one house in the West bank, during which it assaulted three Palestinians who were inside who inflicted injuries and bruises. Two of them were transferred to the hospital.

The Israeli army arrested four Palestinians from Qibya town west of Ramallah after storming the town and br
oke into the houses of the detainees, in addition to arresting a Palestinian from the town of Jabaa south of Jenin when he stumbled on a military checkpoint.

The Israeli military vehicles rammed into the town of Birzeit north of Ramallah, where the occupation soldiers stormed several residential neighborhoods, searched houses, and destroyed their furniture.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation army tightened its military measures in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem and the perimeter of Al-Aqsa Mosque, preventing dozens of Palestinians from entering them, and maintaining the siege on Al-Aqsa Mosque, since Oct.7, 2023. The Israeli military forces are present all the time there and engage in erecting iron barriers, stopping visitors, and often trying to hinder their entry into the mosque.

The towns and camps of the West Bank are witnessing daily infiltration by the Israeli military forces and settlers coupled with confrontations, arrests, firing live ammunition, rubber bullets, and tear gas canisters at Palest
inians. The intensity of these campaigns has increased concurrently with the unprecedented and relentless Israeli aggression on Gaza since October 7.

Source: Qatar News Agency