HMC Hosts International Colorectal Surgeons

Doha, September 27 (QNA) – The Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) hosts two of the most reputable colorectal cancer surgeons worldwide. The visiting surgeons are Prof. Richard Hield, from UK, one of the pioneers of colorectal cancer traditional surgeries and Prof. Ayman Agha, from Germany, Head of Endocrine and Colorectal Surgery at the University of Regensburg Medical Center.
The visit was organized by HMC Colorectal Surgery Unit, led by Dr. Mohamed Abu Nada, Consultant General Surgery. The scientific program of the visiting experts involve conducting a number of surgeries on some complicated cases and organizing training workshops for HMC surgery department s medical staff, in addition to delivering scientific lectures on the modern practices in the field of colorectal surgery worldwide.
Elaborating on the event, Dr. Abu Nada said: “These visits come as part of the continuing medical education program of HMC Colorectal Surgery Unit, aiming at highlighting the latest developments in the field, exchanging knowledge and expertise with reputable international surgeons and displaying various surgeries conducted by visiting experts through a live surgery transmission from the operation theatre to the medical education auditorium, where most of HMC surgeons, at all levels, besides the nursing staff, will be present to learn about the new surgical techniques used in the field of colorectal surgery”.
“We reviewed the outcomes of the 73 colorectal surgeries conducted last year at HMC, to find that our outcomes approximate those registered in some developed European countries” Dr. Abu Nada emphasized, adding that they benefited a lot from the knowledge and expertise of visiting international surgeons in that fruitful discussion.
Furthermore, Professor Ayman Agha pointed out to the two years persistent cooperation between HMC and the University Hospital Regensburg of Germany, the largest and world-wide renowned medical center in the field of laparoscopic colorectal surgeries since the year 1998 whereas (1600) colorectal tumors resection operations have been performed and said: “I usually visit HMC three times a year. Every visit I perform, with the participation of HMC surgeons, a number of surgeries.  Moreover we use to make case presentations of the surgeries we performed in Germany before ten years and discuss the outcome and results with the aim of specifying the extent of our success in definitively eliminating malignant tumor after the lapse of this period”.
Speaking on the prevalence of cancer and its treatment through surgical intervention Prof. Agha said: “Colon cancer hits 6% of the world population. In Germany 75000 cases of colon cancer are registered every year due to the highly sophisticated technologies adopted in Germany for the early detection of disease” adding:  “Every individual, at the age of 50 years, should undergo laparoscopic colon screening, however, those who have a family history of the disease should experience the screening prior to this age”.
Dr. Agha further highly lauded the technique used in colorectal laparoscopic resection which includes making three small apertures susceptible to quit healing leaving minor scars.
With regard to the reoccurrence of the disease he said that 6% may experience the reoccurrence of the disease after the lapse of 10 years.
Dr. Agha concluded by commending the high quality of colorectal surgeries performed at HMC which vie those performed at the most internationally renowned health centers world-wide. (QNA)

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