The University will support a project submitted by female students from QU’s Honors Program


In a meeting with officials from Qatar University’s (QU) Communications and Public Relations Department, a team of female students from the University’s Honors Program, gave a presentation on two projects: Campus Virtual Tour and Google Street View.


In a statement on the occasion, QU Professor Dr. Othman Al-Thawadi of the Honors Program, commented on the students initiative saying, “The goal of student projects is to train students to provide practical solutions and to learn how to conduct a feasibility study, as well as how to present it effectively to decision makers.” Dr. Othman thanked the concerned individuals in QU’s Communications and Public Relations department for their keen interest in benefitting from the presented project.


QU Director of Communications and Public Relations Dr. Hitmi Al Hitmi, said, “This project has the potential to make a positive impact on internal and external audiences, particularly if implemented before the FIFA World Cup 2022. This student led project is a testament to the abilities of our students and our confidence in them, as well as the university’s support for students and their ambitions and potential.”


Aya Al-Maghraby, one of the participating students commented saying, “Qatar University is one of the main entities in Qatar, particularly ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and it is essential for the University to establish a global footprint through projects such as this one.”


Renad Daoud, another student said, “The project we have presented and will implement is vital as it offers a solution to one of the challenges facing the QU community, including students, visitors and professors.”


QU student Najla Al-Sahl said, “The project we have presented includes a careful review of the experiences of major universities around the world. Our comprehensive study also includes the technical and financial aspects required to see the project through, as well as the necessary materials.”


Raghad Al-Ashi added, “The study we have created encompasses detailed working methods that we recommend be adopted in different areas such as photography and legal aspects.”


During the presentation, Mariam Ali noted the importance of this addition in targeting new students and visitors, as well as how invaluable it would be for events held at the university.


Raghad Al-Sharif expressed her sincere appreciation for the opportunity offered by the Honors Program in providing the ideal avenue for this project to come into fruition.


Source: Qatar University

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