Google and UNICEF Are on one page to cope with Zika virus

Positive step by Google to collaborate with UNICEF against Zika Virus

The Zika virus is spreading rapidly all across the South America and beyond, but unlike with Pandemics, exploring and mapping the outbreak has proven much harder. Google has announced that is working with UNICEF for building a platform that will help in bringing together the data from various sources to map and reveal potential outbreaks. This is the great step by the Google and it will also give a message that the Google has not confined itself to the I.T sector, in fact, it is also very active in fulfilling its social responsibilities and that will also make it stand apart from its competitors.

What Google is doing more?

Google is now adding the information about the Zika virus in its own search engine and also has announced a $1 million grant to UNICEF and that is to raise awareness and support the cause of the development of diagnostics and vaccines. According to the Google, there is a volunteer team of engineers, designers and data scientists, which has been made by Google to work with UNICEF to build up a new platform that will help the organization in order to explore the risk of transmission and help the UNICEF, different governments and NGO’s to decide how and where to focus their full efforts, resources and time when it comes to deal with this hazardous Zika virus. This initiative by the Google is currently confined only to the Zika virus, but the aim of the Google is beyond it and it aims to build the platform that will also be useful for the future outbreaks of many other diseases, which we may come across and that is why having an effective and similar platform will help the health organizations and governments to cope with diseases effectively.

Google. Org director Jacquelline Fuller and her take on it director Jacquelline Fuller has come up with the words “that we have Google engineers, who will work closely with UNICEF for analyzing data in order to find out a way of mapping and anticipating the virus”. She also added that the Google has made some effective updates to its products and that is to make the Zika information more visible for the masses and that seems to be the good move by the Google as it will help everyone to find out the useful insight about the Zika virus. That is not all she said and further she also mentioned the financial aid which the UNICEF got by the Google and hope that will accelerate its efforts to get control over this deadly Zika virus on the ground.


Although this news from Google has inspired many people and all of us are admiring the Google for taking that good step, but it is not the first time that the Google has come up with that sort of news, as it already brings a large amount of health data at the sidebar of its search result pages. The latest update by the Google will feature more information about Zika virus and that will be available in 16 languages. This will comprise of a run-down of the symptoms the Zika virus and public health alerts that will be updated with ever-changing information