Gargash: Syria’s return to Arab League a positive step

The decision to return Syria to its seat in the Arab League is a positive step, said Dr. Anwar Gargash, the diplomatic advisor to the President of the United Arab Emirates.

“Syria’s return to the Arab League is a positive step that reactivates the Arab role in this vital file,” Gargash said in a tweet.

He stressed that the challenges facing the region necessitate strengthening communication and joint action to ensure the interests of Arab countries and their peoples.

He added that the “UAE believes in the necessity of building bridges and maximizing partnerships, in order to ensure regional prosperity and stability.”

Earlier, the foreign ministers of the Arab League member states issued Resolution No. 8914, in which they approved the resumption of Syria’s participation in the meetings of the Arab League’s Council and all its affiliated organizations and agencies, starting from Sunday.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency