First Qatari 3D Avatar Launched for Qatari Sign Language

Mada (Assistive Technology Center - Qatar) has launched the first Qatari 3D avatar for Qatari sign language interpretation as part of Mada Innovation Program. The Center announced the launch of the avatar "Bu Hamad" in a post on the social media website Twitter. The function of "Bu Hamad" is to help deaf persons by converting written Arabic text into Qatari sign language.

Bu Hamad was designed at the beginning of 2019 with Qatari features using 3D technology to simulate reality by 100%. The 3D avatar works by using artificial intelligence based on the "Jumla sign language dictionary", developed for the first time in the world by Mada Center, where today it contains 4500 Qatari Sign Language phrases.

Source: Government of Qatar